Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bears Make An Appearance

Black bears have been stirring in the area for a few months now and have just recently waltzed right in front of Headquarters.  About a week ago I was working in the driveway and noticed from the corner of my eye an apple tree moving violently around.  I thought to myself that the wind wasn't blowing that hard, and then I saw a big black object through the shrubs.  At first I thought bear, but then came to think maybe John was out in the field checking on the tree..then I thought bear again as I saw its brown muzzle (also because of the fact that John wasn't in the field after I called out to him).  The beast took its time heading down the hill to Balder Brook and it was at this time that we could see a second bear following closely behind (both adults) - they left behind a pile of scat and some deep tracks through the waterlogged soil.  We suspect they were checking out the tree for apples, though they were quite small at that point.  I'm sure they'll start to smell the blueberries soon enough - it looks like we're going to have a bumper crop.


Black Bear Tracks