Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nantucket Shadbush Opens Up

A couple of days ago (Tuesday, May 7th to be exact) we noticed that out Amelanchier nantucketensis (Nantucket Shadbush) has decided to bloom.  This was observed at our largest patch, there now being five separate sites located throughout Aton Forest, two recently discovered.  Once thought to be restricted to coastal areas centered around Nantucket Island, it has somewhat recently been accepted that it is established outside of these areas and has been identified in upland locations such as the Taconic Plateau and Aton Forest.  On Tuesday the plants at this site were about 10% in bloom, yesterday that jumped to about 50%.  Sadly, these flowers won't last long.  We're glad we got to see them!

A. nantucketensis shares the genus of three other shadbush native to Aton Forest (more in the region) that have all been in bloom: arborea, canadensis, and laevis.  For more information check out the New England Wildflower Society's GoBotany website: