Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Wood Frog Chorus heard, March 24th

The first chorus of wood frogs was heard at Aton Forest, Norfolk, CT, today (3/24) around 3:30 pm. Also, one peeper was heard at a beaver pond today. In past years the first wood frog calls were heard on 3/31/2009, 4/9/2008, and 4/18/2007. Yellow-spotted salamanders began moving during the rains Monday night (3/22). I counted 11 (and 1 dead peeper) along a 2-mile stretch of road through AF during a half-hour period. No other salamanders or frogs were seen. Norfolk, CT is the coldest place in CT and usually the last to hear wood frogs. We still have ice on some ponds and vernal pools and patches of snow in shady spots.